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Encounter with a strong ally ...



クオリティーのものが手に入るとは限らないと思う。 ご縁があって、タイミングが合って、出会いがあって、相性もあって・・・。

今回、私の料理においてとても重要な位置づけである食材 ”野菜”の強い味方、生産者との出会いがありました。


小淵沢の肥沃な土地で約70種類の洋野菜を育てる「クレイジーファーム」の石毛さん。 これまで全国にわたりいろいろな畑を拝見してきましたが、中でも石毛さんの畑もとても美しい畑の一つ。そしてそこに実る野菜たちもとても生き生きとしていて元気いっぱいでした。


Honestly ... Just because if you have a restaurant in Yamanashi.

You can't always get best quality products the best of all.

you need a connection, the timing is right, an encounter, and compatibility ...

This time, I met a producer and a strong ally of the ingredient "vegetables", which is very important in my cooking.

Mr. Ishige of "Crazy Farm" who grows about 70 kinds of Western vegetables in the fertile ふfield of Kobuchisawa.

I have seen various fields all over Japan, but Mr. Ishige's field is also one of the most beautiful fields. And the vegetables that grow there were also very lively and full of energy.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of vegetables I can meet throughout the hole year (four seasons).


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