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Nostalgic friend come....


南アルプスでワイナリーを営む” ドメーヌ ヒデ ”の渋谷さんが開店のお祝いに来てくれました。

何年ぶり? 随分と久しぶりの再会でした。













Well, I was glad.

Mr. Shibutani of "Domaine Hide" who runs a winery in the Southern Alps city came to celebrate the opening of my restaurant.

How many years? It was a long time since we met again.

What's more, the mowing machine was the present that he brought to celebrate.

As expected. I know (laughs). I will use it for my wife at once.

I personally like Hide's wine, and I used to have an event at my restaurant in Tokyo a long time ago.

At the award ceremony of Gault et millau, He was rushed to open a store, and after all, He let me make an original blended wine and released.

Maybe because I'm the same age,

And above all, Hide was originally a "clinical psychologist" and started making wine after 50, the first release, Wow!!!

and his Koshu wine called "Shiroshiro" was the most delicious Koshu wine that has not been broken in my history.

A hard worker and a natural person. I like this kind of person like a him (laughs).

It seems that the challenge is still going on, so he will have a new cafe near his winery to be ready to open. and the Japanese version of Amarone made from dried grapes and the winery from now on.

From now on, he will be a good stimulus for me as the same Yamanashi people. (^^) /

Hide also seems to ride a bike, and he said, "Let's go touring together after harvesting."

I would like customers to taste Hide's wine as well. looking forward to!


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