History, tradition, and challenges ...


山梨県のブランドの酒蔵、「七賢」さんにお邪魔してきました。 専務の北原亮庫さんに色々とお話を伺い、 まずは「七賢」の歴史と伝統に感銘を受け、そして更なるチャレンジをされている 事に、これからの日本酒の未来や、ますます進化していく様に驚くばかりでした。 そして趣のある建物といえば、ここは明治天皇がご宿泊された当時のまま大切に保存されて県の重要文化財にも指定されているそうです。 「神様」に触れた気がした1日でした。(笑)

I visited "Shichiken", a brand sake brewery in Yamanashi prefecture.

We talked to Mr. Ryogo Kitahara, the managing director, about various things.

First of all, I was impressed with the history and tradition of "Shichi Ken", and then I am taking on further challenges.

In particular, I was amazed at the future of sake and how it would continue to evolve.

Speaking of quaint buildings, it is said that this place has been carefully preserved as it was when Emperor Meiji stayed and has been designated as an important cultural property of the prefecture.

It was a day when I felt like I was in touch with "God." (^^)/